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kitten with a whip
i hate writing these things. not only that but no one will read this because no one really uses lj anymore which i guess is what i like about it now. i can't bring myself to delete half the things in my interests despite the fact that they are not as once relevant as when i was eighteen.

p.s this is pretty much friends only now but if you've read this far and have any interest in reading my random thoughts add me.
28 days later, adam brody, adaptation, adrien grenier, alternative music, america's next top model, art, babylon, barrymores, ben kweller, bill murray, billie joe armstrong, bitting, black market, chuck klosterman, cillian murphy, coldplay, color green, courtney love, danny michel, david bowie, edward norton, empire records, entourage, ethan embry, everwood, eyeliner, eyeshadow, felicity, finding nemo, floria sigismondi, franz ferdinand, garden state, glitter, green day, hawksley workman, hello kitty, hole, hot hot heat, i mother earth, ikea, indie movies, irvine welsh, jane magazine, janice dickinson, jason lee, jason schwartzman, jaws, joey mccobb, john cusack, josie and the pussycats, jude law, julian casablancas, kensington market, kevin smith, kissing, kittens, kitty ears, late night park adventures, lip smacker, lipstick, liz phair, london, lost, lost in translation, mac, makeup, mary janes, memento, metric, much music, my camera, my so-called life, nailpolish, nicolas cage, nylon, one year diaries, pancakes, parker posey, parks, phantom planet, photography, piercings, pink, pink hair dye, pop shove its, pretty in pink, project runway, queen street west, queer as folk, r2d2, radio free rosco, reality bites, record runner, records, robert carmine, rock stars, rock'n'roll high school, rooney, sam roberts, sex and the city, sharks, slc punk, so hip it hurts, spin, starling, stars, strawberries, sum 41, tacos, tattoos, the carnations, the clash, the dollar store, the hundreds and thousands, the killers, the last unicorn, the ramones, the sounds, the strokes, the supers, the virgin suicides, the weekend, todd sparrow, top of the world, toronto, valley girl, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, warhol, weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, zach braff, zaphods

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